2022-01-09: Holiday tradition


2021-12-05: Lopsided but awesome

2021-11-26: Scorekeeper asked me, “what kind of cat do you want on your name” and I said, “a …

2021-11-15: Somebody got a fancy new boot!

2021-11-14: Magic green button

2021-10-04: And also haircut?

2021-10-03: Feeling great at mile eight Not so much at the finish (pic not included)

2021-10-03: Running buddy–pre-race!

2021-09-08: One of my favorite trails at Devils Thumb Ranch

2021-09-06: We hiked the valley today–new trails for M&D!

2021-08-23: What is wrong with (some) of us

2021-08-14: Flying high now

2021-08-03: The band is back together and playing (outside)

2021-06-28: Great view from up top

2021-06-26: Tired as a rock tired

2021-06-24: Cleaned the office top to bottom but missed this item?

2021-06-20: Dave still your friend

2021-06-20: Dave is your friend

2021-06-03: So cute!

2021-04-17: Spring is here

2021-03-13: That is fun

2021-02-10: I am not a cat

2021-01-18: Me and Dusty

2021-01-17: Sad car no go to Chicago

2021-01-01: First run of the new year, beautiful sunset at lakes!

2020-10-04: So true

2018-12-26: It was a delightful and relaxed day with the exception of the tech projects which managed to kind of …

2018-04-17: Yesterday I finished the Boston Marathon in soggy conditions that were appropriate to the …

2018-03-28: How I feel today

2017-11-23: Had a great 5k this morning with the Dales! Fun crowd, sunny downtown — a great kick off to the …

2017-07-11: 25 years of bright days Today we went back to where it all began. One bright day!

2016-12-31: NYE Fire We had an early new year tonight–celebrated with a quick fire in the back yard and then all in bed …

2016-07-17: Every family reunion should include a random bagpiper

2016-06-20: We celebrated Suzie’s Mom’s Birthday at Niagara Falls. It was stunningly beautiful and great fun to …

2016-06-13: Losers!

2016-06-13: Winners!


2016-03-27: Boston Spring Break

2015-09-21: Mandatory Kubb Picture

2015-09-19: We played Kubb all day today, two happy teams the Kubstronauts and Mandatory Kubb. Hosted by the …

2015-06-11: B-Squad Winners

2015-02-26: You do have to ask yourself from time to time…

2014-08-23: Kite beach!

2014-05-05: Somebody is 95!

2014-04-21: The Endless Road I got an email from my kids the weekend I was in Boston for the marathon and my kid included an …

2013-12-30: Top Hat Holiday

2013-09-03: Computer Beach

2013-07-15: Color run

2013-04-12: Running Boston Marathon -written the day before the marathon, updated at the end- In 1975 Bill Rodgers won the Boston …

2011-11-12: Reading vacation

2011-06-12: First Marathon

2004-04-30: Superteam Defined New website rolling out tonight which includes this section on the Superteam. Intention is to make …