Jim Bernard

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The Endless Road

I got an email from my kids the weekend I was in Boston for the marathon and my kid included an appropriate, if somewhat ominious message for the night before the race. It showed a road stretching to the horizion and it said had a road sign with the infinity symbol on it. Keep going!

Running Boston again was everything I’d hoped for. You can get the background of why I ran it twice in this piece [I wrote for the Star Tribune.] (https://www.startribune.com/why-i-am-running-the-boston-marathon-again/255831771/) And below you can see some photos from the week before the race, race weekend and the finish line.

Too soon to say what comes next, but glad to have this one in the books. It may seem endless but in fact you do get to the finish line eventually and then home to see your kid…